Friday, December 14, 2012

Repairing a silicon coating in the vat - #1

After some printing test, a silicon coating in the vat was peeled off! This coating is very important for this printer. I have to repair it. I bought 'Sylgard 184 kit' on (photo: Sylgard 184 kit, vat, peeled coating)

I used a large old 'glass aquarium', and set the level. (photo: level app on iPhone4, a heater for acrylic processing on left side)

I was exactly weighed Sylgard. Curing agent as well.

This is a special tool! It's a cooked rice stocker with hand vacuum pump.

Set the cup of Sylgard, and decompress with the pump. The bubbles in the liquid were come out.

I leave it alone for about 30 minutes. The bubbles were gone.

Poured into the vat, and put on wrap to prevent dust from entering.

Put the vat in the aquarium, and switch on the heater. This heater is low power, so only up to 33 ° C did not increase the temperature of the air. I have to wait 48hours.

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