Monday, April 2, 2012

The outline of GMP2

The outline of GMP2 is this:

(1) Make some basic gene files (text file) first. Input new file name for generate, push 'GENERATE NEW GENE' button. This file are generated 'gene_folder' on the desktop. (OSX) The file path is set here.

(2) Confirm the shape of this 'GENE'. Input this file name to 'file_nameU' field at 'Result of crossing' part, push 'SHOW RESULT' button. After a few seconds, or a few minutes, a new object will be generated on screen. If it is not good shape, push 'GENERATE NEW GENE' button, then new gene information will be over written into 'GENE' file. Push 'SHOW RESULT' button again. A new object will be displayed on layer[1]. (layer[1] have to be ON, please)

(3) Rewrite the file name, and push 'GENERATE NEW GENE' button again.

(4) Rewrite the file_nameU field to 2nd one, show result.

(5) Input first and 2nd gene file name to 'file_nameX' and 'file_nameY'. 'file_nameZ' is new file name that would be generated from two gene files.

(6) Input the generated hybrid gene file name into 'file_nameU' field, push 'SHOW RESULT'.

* Mesh and Text objects are generated on layer [1]. 'GENERATE NEW GENE' and 'SHOW RESULT' button delete the all object in the screen first, so if you need the object, move them to other hidden layer.