Monday, January 28, 2013

Challenge again

I re-built the PDMS layer, and test printing again. In this time, the setting of exposure time is below.

[ Configuration ]
Attach (first) Layer(s) Exposure (sec) : 35.000
Number of Attach (first) Layers : 4
Initial Image Exposure (sec) : 20.000
Variable Perimeter Exposure (sec) : 20.000

( Left is New one )

The result was better than before result. The edges are very sharp.
I feel a 20.000 seconds exposure is good. But Attach Layers Exposure time: 35.000 is too long, or Number of Attach Laters: 4 is too many.

And I tried one more idea. I used (Silicon release agent?) spray on the surface of PDMS for easy release of cured resin from PDMS.

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