Saturday, January 26, 2013

Another resin test

I got a yellow resin via internet, and tried first test. The configuration was same as B9's red resin. In this photo, it seems good. But I feel this resin is more sensitive than red one. I mean this exposure time(for red resin) setting was too long for this yellow resin. I think the light might be easily diffused in this resin. The resin is strongly adhered to PDMS because it was it would peel off. I'll retry other setting for exposure.

[ Configuration ]
Attach (first) Layer(s) Exposure (sec) : 40.000
Number of Attach (first) Layers : 4
Initial Image Exposure (sec) : 25.000
Variable Perimeter Exposure (sec) : 25.000

Total Layers to Print : 89

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