Sunday, September 25, 2011

Composite Nodes

To make the non photorealistic images of catalog, I used the composite node of Blender.
Here is the node.


  1. now that is really a fine peace of art! congratulations! You can do a very beautiful matine bottom with your creatures, some corals, water plants and so on, with this node setup I think it will be amazing! If you are planning to sell your etnoforms(or how you cal it) like Macouno, maybe you need a good commercial art! i really enjoy it - keep it up!

  2. Thanks the comment. It is good for me to selling my objects. Maybe, online shop in 'Shapeways' is good for that. I'll think about it. (^_^)

  3. hey, great work!

    i think they look great exactly as they are...

    (..sorry, anonymous..) i think adding marine bottom, corrals and water plants would distract from the actual forms (if not make it look a tiny bit cheesy..) that are currently looking very mysterious and interesting...

    the way they are now (graphic and a abstracted) i would love to have them on my wall.. (if not load their file set up... :-)