Saturday, June 4, 2011

Think about 'Parameters', and 'Animation'.

Well, think about the parameters once again. Now I'm using seven variables for making a body.

Body_Len: Steps for body extrusion
Body_Phase: Phase of sin curve for body shape
Body_Step: Wavelength of body sin curve
Body_Amplitude: Thickness of body
Body_StepAngle: Rotation angle for each extrusion
Body_ModAmplitude: Modulation level for body shape
Body_ModStep: Control the modulation

If I exchange this parameters with that is not random but change at the moment. There is a very familier number, Date information.

For example,

Month = Body_Len
Day = Body_Phase
Hour = Body_Step
Min = Body_Amplitude
Sec = Body_StepAngle
Day(Sunday, Monday...) = Body_ModAmplitude


MoonPhase = Body_ModStep

I can't imagine the result will be, but maybe this is one of ideas.
And next, animation. Now I generate the object with push 'Generate' button on TOOLS. But I think, if I could change the parameters and generate the object in an each frame of animation, the change of object are recorded to animation. So I don't know the method for it, but this is next step.

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