Monday, May 23, 2011

One step, and stop. Hmmm.

With Kewl's help, I succeeded to show Label on TOOLS. But, I couldn't show button = operator. Hmmm, it's a difficult.


  1. here you can find some fine examples for making buttons as well as many blender python code examples for blender2,57 hope it will help you
    cool project! I love it! maybe if you use inset it will help you with your script! there is an inset addon already - search the forums
    Maybe it will be easier to make an addon that saves a macro of inset extrusions with a name! and you can easily apply a selected macro again on any selection of faces! this script will be absolutely megaawesome there is this type of script in Lightwave from many years check this video
    hope i helped! Peace!